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Tom Odell feared he was having a stroke after panic attack

Tom Odell thought he was ''having a stroke'' when a break-up caused him to have a panic attack.The 29-year-old suffered a ''severe panic attack''...

Tom Hanks soothed by typewriters

Tom Hanks thinks he collects typewriters because of his fractured upbringing.The 63-year-old actor has hundreds of the machines and feels ''soothed'' by them, and...

Terry Crews: It’s ‘miraculous’ Kevin Hart survived crash

Terry Crews thinks its ''very miraculous'' that Kevin Hart ''survived'' his recent car accident.The 'Night School' star was involved in a car crash recently...

Simon Cowell delighted with appearance following 20lbs weight loss

Simon Cowell can't believe how good he looks since losing weight.The 60-year-old music mogul has lost four inches off his waist since overhauling his...

Myleene Klass wants another baby

Myleene Klass ''would not say no'' to having another baby.The 42-year-old musician - who has daughters Ava, 12, and Hero, nine, with ex-husband Graham...

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