ABC’s Greatest American Hero Reboot Set To Star New Girl’s Hannah Simone


Believe it or not, ABC’s Greatest American Hero reboot is just about ready to fly.

Greatest American Hero was originally a TV series that ran from 1981-1983 on ABC. It starred William Katt as a teacher named Ralph who found a superhero suit that gave him powers when he wore it. Of course he lost the instruction book, so most of the series was spent with him trying to figure out just what he was able to do. The series also starred Robert Culp and Connie Sellecca. the reboot was announced last month as heading to pilot, and now it’s been announced that New Girl’s Hannah Simone (who is British born, and lives in Vancouver) will take on the titular role.

For the reboot the story will follow a girl named Meera (Simone). She’s a 30 year old party girl who has spent her life searching to find meaning. She’s at odds with her traditional Indian-American family for failing to do so. Of course all of that changes when she finds a super suit and is charged with protecting the planet. 

If the series takes off and makes it beyond the pilot stage, it very well could appear on ABC’s fall schedule. 

Photo: InstarImages