Ally Brooke was bullied for her dancing


Ally Brooke was bullied for her dancing in Fifth Harmony.

The ‘Work from Home’ hitmaker has confessed she was ridiculed for the way she moved whilst in the girl band as she made an appearance on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on Monday (23.09.19).

Speaking after her Viennese Waltz this week, she said: ”That felt honestly liberating for me. I just want to say up here while I have the opportunity, if anyone ever feels like they’re scared to do something because they got made fun of or bullied, I want you to know that you can do it, and I hope that I can be an inspiration and voice for you guys.”

When Ally and her Fifth Harmony bandmates broke up, the 26-year-old singer previously revealed she is excited that she would be ”having a say in everything that she does” with her new music.

She said: ”I’m ready to unleash Ally. For so long I was in this box and now I’m out of it. I’m able to be who I want to be. Even my mom got emotional the other day. She’s like, ‘Ally, you are you again.’ And it’s beautiful. It really is. I love being able to have a say in everything that I do. They’re so open and also very smart and meticulous, and they pay attention to the details which is something that I’m just such a fan of.

”It will be different than Fifth Harmony. It’ll definitely have some flavour and flair, and I’ll be able to really be a different Ally than I was in Fifth Harmony.”