Ben Schwartz has experienced ‘anxiety’ amid lockdown


Ben Schwartz has experienced ”bouts of anxiety” amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 38-year-old actor has tried to pass the time by playing videos and watching movies during the health crisis – but he concedes he’s been ”very, very fortunate” compared to many people.

Asked how he’s kept himself busy, Ben replied: ”Watching a lot of movies, watching ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ again, playing a lot of video games.

”I beat ‘Chrono Trigger’ again, and I’ve been playing ‘Mario Kart 8’. Every weekend, we have something called the ‘Tournament of Champions’.

”So the same 12 people come into the room, and we keep our stats from week to week, and we’re on season two, which means we’ve already had a season one winner. And now, the point total comes back to zero. That’s been really nice.

”And I’m feeling very, very fortunate that my family and the people that I love are healthy right now. I’m just trying to help, doing as much charity stuff as I can, trying to do anything.”

Ben admits the lockdown has been a ”surreal” experience.

He told Collider: ”It’s so unknown what happens next.

”The bouts of anxiety balanced with trying to do your best – like, I was really happy that the Middleditch and Schwartz stuff came out there because so many people have been so kind and being like, ‘Yeah, we really needed this. It’s just an outlet to laugh and an outlet of being in an audience virtually and stuff like that.’

”So it’s a very surreal time, and I feel very fortunate in just sending good vibes to everybody.”