Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume inspired by husband’s alien obsession


Heidi Klum‘s Halloween costume was inspired by her husband’s belief in aliens. The 46-year-old model decided to dress as a gory part-robot and part-alien, which featured a set of intestines and muscles that poked through her fake skin as well as tubes coming from her breasts and hips, for the spooky holiday because her spouse Tom Kaulitz‘s band Tokio Hotel are firm believers in the extraterrestrial life.

Speaking to PEOPLE.com at her 20th annual party at New York City’s Cathédrale Restaurant at Moxy East Village on October 31, Heidi said: ”The inspiration is Tokio Hotel, which is the band of my husband. They believe in aliens.”

Tom added: ”Everyone does, no?”

The 30-year-old rocker dressed as an astronaut for the creepy bash and revealed how it was cleverly linked to the supermodel’s eye-catching character.

He said recently: ”So I was on a mission in outer space, looking for a new planet, because we almost destroyed ours.

”So I found her and I brought her back, because I thought she might have some useful information for us.”

Heidi – who was joined at the party by the likes of Ice T, Coco Austin and Dylan Sprouse – decided to give fans a behind-the-scenes look into her costume preparations this year by getting ready in the window of a store in the Big Apple.

She explained: ”This year is my 20th anniversary of my Halloween party, so I thought it would be fun for people to watch live when I get ready.

”On the 34th Street store of Amazon, I’m gonna be sitting in the window and people can just come by all day long and just watch the process if they’re interested in seeing something like that.

”I thought it was fun to do a live art installation – that’s what I just want to call it, because for me, it’s life art, what they do to me.”

Over the past 20 years, Heidi has worn a number of memorable Halloween outfits, such as in 2018 when she dressed as Princess Fiona from the ‘Shrek’ movies, and in 2015, when she appeared in the guise of Jessica Rabbit.

In 2001, Heidi even turned up for her party on horseback, as she dressed as the legendary English noblewoman Lady Godiva.