Kim Gordon takes fashion tips from model daughter


Kim Gordon takes fashion tips from her model daughter Coco Gordon Moore.

The former Sonic Youth vocalist and punk fashion muse has revealed her 25-year-old girl – whom she has with ex-husband and former bandmate Thurston Moore – reminds her to ”have fun” with her outfits, but she also admitted it’s difficult to ”feel your identity” as you get older because you don’t want to ”dress like a teenager”.

The 66-year-old star told ”She [Coco] reminds me that it’s good to have fun with fashion and simple goes a long way.

”Little details go a long way, too, whether it’s a pair of sunglasses or earrings – you don’t need very much.”

She added: ”When you’re young, beautiful, and tall, everything looks good on you.

”As one gets older, it becomes harder to feel your identity because you also don’t want to dress like a teenager, so it’s difficult.”

The ‘Kool Thing’ singer also revealed that she likes to wear disco shorts on stage because she has ”a lot of energy” coming out of her legs.

She told the publication: ”Sometimes on stage I’ll wear shorts because I get energy from my legs, so I thought if I wore these spandex disco jeans maybe it would be the same thing.”