Lashana Lynch Set To Play 007


With all the rumours that were going around about who should play the next James Bond, including actor Idris Elba who trolled fans on social media about it last year, filmmakers have decided to add a new wrinkle of their own. Over the weekend it was revealed that Lashana Lynch, who was hired on in a mysterious role, would be the first woman to tackle the role of 007. Just not that of James Bond.

According to the Daily Mail, Lynch’s character will be known as 007, the secret agent number James Bond has held from the beginning. She won’t be playing James Bond though, but instead be a new secret agent who took over the number. In the film Daniel Craig will reprise his role as James Bond, who will be called back to duty from retirement. It’s at that point he will meet the new 007, who took over the number after he left MI-6. 

Lynch, a West London native, is most famously known as playing fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in this year’s Captain Marvel. It’s been known for awhile that she was going to be in the new James Bond film, the 25th of the series, but until now her role was kept secret. It’s an interesting way to keep the character fresh, and perhaps if her role is popular enough maybe it will be spun off into new films in the same vein.