Utopia Falls Starring Humberly Gonzalez Set To Launch February 14th On CBC


In the latest issue of Real Style Magazine actress Humberly Gonzalez talked about her upcoming CBC series Utopia Falls, but at that time a premiere date hadn’t been given. The young Venezuela-born, Canada-raised actress told us that “I realized a big milestone had been reached, especially because I’d get to sing and dance for this role and for me, that’s a dream come true. I’m so so so grateful to have been a part of that show!”

While she couldn’t tell us much about the show at that time, she did say that her character was “strong, outspoken and has a bit of an attitude problem. She goes through quite a transformation throughout the series and I feel many people will see themselves in her.”

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CBC has now announced that the entire series will launch February 14th, exclusively on the free CBC Gem streaming service. The 10-episode series has a tag line of “Imagine a world with no past – only a future. Without a history, we are all equal… or are we?” The original, young adult series is a sci-fi drama that features music and dance, and is set in the not-too-distant future. Earth is in ruins, and a “group of teens chosen to compete in the prestigious Exemplar performing arts competition in the seemingly idyllic colony of New Babyl. When they stumble upon a hidden archive of cultural relics, they are forced to question everything they have been taught, ultimately using the power of music to ignite change and expose the truth.”

The series features a variety of musical genres and dance styles, including Hip Hop, Pop, Latin, House, Classical, and Indigenous. Beside Gonzalez, the series also stars Robyn Alomar (Riot Girls), Akiel Julien (American Gods, Warigami), Robbie Graham-Kuntz (Full Out), Phillip Lewitski (Supernatural), Devyn Nekoda (Degrassi: The Next Generation), and Mickeey Nguyen (Make It Pop). The iconic hip hop superstar Snoop Dogg is also part of the cast, as the voice of the Archive.

Photo: Courtesy of CBC.