What To Binge Watch Over The Holidays


If you are like most of us, the holidays aren’t so much about going out and doing things, as they are about staying at home, wearing your PJ’s 24/7 and eating all the food in sight. Of course that still leaves you with a decision to make: How to fill your days.  After all there is only so much time you can spend reading books, surfing the internet and well, eating all the food in sight. Thanks to the times we live in though, there is an easy solution: Binge-watching. There is always plenty of films and TV shows to watch, and in order to prevent you from having to spend more time surfing in order to figure out what to watch, we’ve put together a list that you may want to give a try.

The Mandalorian: Star Wars is everywhere at the moment thanks to a new, hot TV show and the latest film (and last?) recently hitting theaters. In order to get you into the mood to watch the new film (besides binge-watching the previous 8 films, and their two spin-offs) you could give this Disney Plus series a try. It’s got action, bounty hunters, and heck, even a baby Yoda that has been appearing on social media everywhere you look. While the first episode may not be too good, the rest of the series is worth the watch, and you will finally know what everyone is talking about. Even better, the eight, and final episode of the season, premieres on the 27th. Talk about good timing.

The Crown: It’s hard to believe that the third season of  The Crown has been out for a month already, especially since we haven’t had the time to sit down and watch it. Sure Claire Foy and Matt Smith have moved on, but they did such a great job laying down the groundwork that we just need to watch and see what happens next. Sure we could just pick up a book, or surf Wikipedia to find out what historically happened, but where’s the fun in that?

Sex Education: If you haven’t watched this series starring Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson yet, you are missing out. It’s about a teenager with a sex therapist mother, who decides to set up an underground  sex therapy clinic at school. It’s so ridiculous that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Sure season 2 doesn’t come out until mid-January, but by watching the first season you will be ready for it when it does premiere.

Watchmen: We were debating which superhero TV show we should recommend, and ended up going with this one over The Boy, by a very slim margin. The things with this series is you need to get through the first episode before you really start getting drawn into it. We wanted to quit after watching the first very slow and disappointing episode, but are glad we decided to continue on with it. Like the source material, it will make you look at superheros in a different light.

Prodigal Son: The hit Fox series is in its first mid-season hiatus, which means it’s the perfect time to see what all the fuss is about. It’s about a criminal psychologist who helps the NYPD solve their toughest crimes. Did we mention that he’s a genius, who is more than a little twisted? Great characters make any show great, but the writing in this show helps a lot too, and makes it the best new show on TV this year.